Monday, December 26, 2011

Jose Padilha Talks ROBOCOP And The Need For Satire

Director Jose Padilha known for Elite Squad 1 and 2 will take on the Hollywood remake of ROBOCOP. In a recent interview he talked about the satire and the need for it in the movie, just like the original classic by Paul Verhoeven.  Remember those crazy commercials and news breaks within in the original?

Here's what Padilha had to say about the need for satire;
“The satire element of RoboCop is, I think, needed today.  That kind of social, aggressive satire I haven’t seen done well in movies lately. And it’s almost like the politics and violence in the world is asking for this: 'Someone please make some satire now!' So we’re going to keep that edge.”
He also talks about the movies message and how some people misunderstand that;
 “I just don’t think about it. If people want to misunderstand it, it’s their problem."
"This is something that happened with films throughout history. Elite Squad became one of those. Taxi Driver is famous for that kind of misunderstanding. But, as a filmmaker, I don’t feel like constraining artistic expression by second guessing an audience. I have to be clear with myself and very conscious of what I am trying to say. Misunderstandings will always take place: it’s unavoidable."
Are you looking forward to Robocop in 2013?

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