Friday, December 9, 2011

Hidden Map Revealed From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Site

Thanks to  SHH Ninja RawWulf here's our brief look at a hidden map from the TDKR viral site, Remember, something is going to happen at 10am PST today and I'm sure this map will have something do do with it. I think it's Bane's takeover plot myself but I could be wrong.

From RawWulf;
I realize I don't have to defend myself because the map will reveal itself tomorrow, but I promise it's real. I debugged the Operation Early Bird page, found an IP address, surfed to the IP and was prompted for a password.  
Another SHH user found a script that referenced some coords, I tried those as the password, and it revealed the map you see above. That's it ... About a half an hour later, WB had set up a redirect for the IP I found, and I was never again prompted for a password. 
While I had the page open, I tried various coords without success. I don't think the map was fully functional yet. 
One guess was that the map focused on the locations of IMAX theaters screening the prologue.  
The reason I have Photoshop open was because I took a screen grab to post the image you see above. I also posted a zoom of the map on SHH.  
So yeah, that's my story. 
Here's the  the first two pieces from the viral campaign along with the third one from yesterday.

Source: Huge thanks to Nailbiter111 at ComicBookMovie 

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