Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Actor P.J. Marshall Talks About CATCH .44 And More

Actor P.J. Marshall faces-off with Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker in the new star-studded indie crime drama "CATCH .44" The film had its limited theatrical release in New York and Charlotte on December 8th and is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman, and Nikki Read also star in this suspense thriller which focuses on a group of shady double dealers who get double, tripled and quadruple dealed by a crime kingpin who seems to have a secret agenda that goes way beyond just the drug shipment everyone is fighting over. As a small town Deputy, Marshall innocently gets mixed up in this drug lord world and finds himself in over his head.

Check out my latest Versus with P.J. Marshall as he talks all about Catch .44, working opposite Forest Whitaker and more.

Alien Bee - Tell me a little about your new film Catch .44 and your character.

P.J. Marshall -  Well Catch .44 is a real fun ride of a movie!! My character is a Deputy in a small town who doesn't get to see to much action, just a real nice southern guy who innocently gets mixed up in this drug trafficking underworld run and orchestrated by Mel, the character played by Bruce Willis.
Alien Bee - Can you share any cool stories from filming? Did anything crazy happen?
P.J. Marshall - The first shot I did was just pulling the police car over to the side of the road, stopping and getting out and approaching Forrest Whitaker’s character. Well, on the second take, the director wanted me pull the car over, but leave the car running. So I pulled over and as I was getting out of the car, I realized it was still in drive and the car started moving towards Forrest. He freaked out and started running in the opposite direction, so I ran after the car and jumped in and slammed on the breaks and stopped the car. The entire crew was laughing there asses off at this point!
Alien Bee - You get a lot of screen time with Forest Whitaker. He seems like an intense actor and very serious. Am I right?
P.J. Marshall -  Yes, I got a nice chunk of screen time with him. He is very serious about his work and also very generous and extremely talented. It was a real pleasure acting opposite of him…like a great tennis volley. He gives so much and has so much going on with the character he has created.
Alien Bee- This movie has an amazing cast including Malin Akerman, Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and even Brad Douriff and Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville appear in it. How was it filming with the likes of this talented group of people?
P.J. Marshall - Actually, all my scenes were with Forrest Whitaker only. But, it sure feels great to be involved in a project with such a talented group. I did have the pleasure of meeting and getting to now Malin Ackerman and Nikki Reed though. Malin was so nice and made me feel welcome. And, Nikki was just a real kick in the pants to be around. Overall, it’s just great to be in a film with such talented actors.
Alien Bee - I've described Catch .44 as Pulp Fiction meets Reservoir Dogs but with lots of eye candy (Malin Akerman, Nikki Reed and Deborah Anne Woll). Do you think this movie falls right in with the likes of these crazy fan favorite movies?
P.J. Marshall -  Well, I don’t really like to compare movies too much…butI sure hope so.
Alien bee - What kind of director is Aaron Harvey who also wrote Catch .44?
P.J. Marshall -  Just working with him and being around his energy was and is terrific!! He is very focused and always so positive…nothing shakes him. And, he’s just so full off excitement and inspiration. Also, he is the type of director that just encourages actors to take risks, play and discover. That’s why you’ll see such unpredictable and engaging performances in this film. I’m sure he has a long career ahead of him and we’re just seeing a glimpse of what is still to come.
Alien Bee - Do you have any other projects you can talk about right now?

PJ Marshell -  I have a few projects in the works, but I’m not allowed to talk about them yet. I’ll keep you posted.
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to all of our readers checking this out?
P.J. Marshall -  Yes, see CATCH .44! I promise you’ll have a wild time!

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