Thursday, December 8, 2011

DJ Perry/Lana Wood Thriller Gets A Name Change As DEADLY RENOVATIONS

There's been a name change for an upcoming film on our horror radar and we have the news for all of you fiends out there!  Enter DEADLY RENOVATIONS.

For Immediate Release – December 2011

The soon to be released thriller “Renovation” just announced that it will release under the official title “Deadly Renovations”. The adjustment in the title will help audiences cue into the subject matter of this dark, graphic and often disturbing film. This decision was made to avoid any confusion that this program might be a Sunday morning reality how-to show about home repairs. Quite to the contrary this film is about deceit, deception and as the title now reflects “deadly” actions throughout the course of the film.

The film is slated for distribution theatrically in select markets by Nocturnal Features.  It will release domestically with Midnight Releasing and foreign with Acort International, in 2012. The film is led by genre favorite DJ Perry, known for starring in horror/thriller films like “The 8th Plague” and “GPS” domestically and “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” and upcoming “Darkest Night” on the foreign market.  

Lana Wood, sister of the former Hollywood legend Natalie Wood, shows she also possesses that IT factor with a stand out performance in this film. Seasoned vets such as Terence Knox (Tour of Duty) and Johnny Dark (David Letterman) bring a solid backbone to an upcoming supporting cast. The film will have you guessing to the very end and contains more than one surprising twists for those audiences who like to try and figure out plots in advance. 

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