Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Contest: Win A Copy Of OUR IDIOT BROTHER On Blu-ray

Did you think we were finished with the contests? No, No No!!!  We've covered, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, even TV with that awesome Burn Notice contest we threw and now we're going to cover comedy. Here's your chance to win a copy of OUR IDIOT BROTHER on Blu-ray (review) courtesy of our friends at Anchor Bay.

Here's what you need to do:.
  • Send an email HERE and give us your name and mailing address in the subject line . Also, tell us what your favorite Paul Rudd movie is.
  • The contest ends on Saturday, December 24nd. CHRISTMAS EVE!
  •  The lucky winner will be randomly picked and the Blu-ray will be mailed off to them! It's that easy!
  • Open to U.S. residents only!

Sisters Liz, Miranda (Elizabeth Banks of TV's 30 ROCK, ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO, ROLE MODELS) and Natalie (Zooey Deschanel of (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, YES MAN, TV's THE NEW GIRL), have an idiot for a brother. Perennially upbeat Ned (Paul Rudd of I LOVE YOU MAN, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), an erstwhile organic farmer, is utterly lacking in common sense. After his girlfriend dumps him and boots him off their farm, Ned turns to his sisters, who once again come to his rescue, each taking a turn housing their troublemaker sibling. Ned's unfailing commitment to honesty creates more than a few messes in their comfortable routines, but as the sisters' lives begin to unravel, they come to realize that maybe, in his steadfast optimism, Ned isn't such an idiot after all.

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