Sunday, December 25, 2011


As a fan of the Final Destination series (even the last one) when I got a chance to jump into FINAL DESTINATION 5  on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack (includes Ultraviolet and digital copy) I was hoping for a good time and it delivered!

Death is back in this fifth installment along with fan favorite Tony Todd who plays our favorite coroner. The movie starts off with a bridge scene that is as much fun watching as any opening scene from previous installments. The special F/X for the bridge collapsing and people trying to survive are simply awesome for the fans, especially the ones with Eagle eyes looking for flaws in the F/X. The blood, guts and gore come ala plenty too! There's no skimping here.

After our "bridge survivors" move on, each one starts getting wiped out as Death catches up, one by one. Each death scene is original and as gross as any other from the series. There's lots of CGI in play with some of the death scenes so just expect that, for those of you who like practical F/X.  There's one death scene that stands out among the others that includes gymnastics, that's all I'll say. The one  thing the survivors learn is you can't escape death, we've heard that before!  My favorite death scene though is the finale that was a great surprise and will be for any Final Destination fan who hasn't seen the movie yet. You will love this!

To me, director Steven Quale (Avatar) who is known for his visual F/X  and second unit work proves he has what it takes to direct in what I consider one of the best installments from this popular franchise. The story is well written and fits right in with the Final Destination mythology. All of the acting is great. Standouts include Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto and Ellen Wroe (because of her awesome death scene).

Bottom line is pick up Final Destination 5 on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and consider it a late Christmas present for yourself. This movie rocks! Final Destination 5 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy) is available on December 27th.  4/5

Studio: New Line Cinema

Run Time: 92 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features:  Awesome!

  • Circle of Death
  • Alternate Death Scenes
  • Bridge Scene and Airplane Crash – Special Effects

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