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Alien Bee: The Best And Worst Of 2011

Looking back at 2011 trying  to come up with my best and worst list has been a struggle. I've watched a lot of movies throughout the year, good and bad and I can't name them all. I also caught some interesting new TV shows and was lucky enough to get up close with some really cool collectibles (and toys).  I'm going to keep it short and sweet like always and give out a few honorable mentions as I go along.

Best Movies

Drive Angry 3D - This movie was so underrated!  Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and the rest of the cast put on one hell of a performance. The movie is action packed with loads of humor crammed in. The movie is directed b Patrick Lussier who co-wrote it with Todd Farmer. These guys have solidified themselves as a powerful movie making machine! Everything is just well put together with Drive Angry, even the awesome soundtrack.

 If you haven't checked this one out yet then you really need too! This is one I can watch over and over again!

Sucker Punch - Zack Snyder's steamy, action packed fairytale. This movie is simply awesome but can get you lost if you're not paying attention.  Emily Browning simply made the character Baby Doll her own and then some! The cast is amazing, the music is over the top and takes the movie to the  next level! 

The movie wasn't too loved by the critics but will go down as a cult hit  and fan favorite. One big reason is its sexiness!

Honorable mentions are The Muppets, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Insidious, The WomanThor, X-Men: First Class, Final Destination 5, Chillerama, The Ward, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, YellowBrickRoad, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Troll Hunter and Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Best Indie Movies include The Millennium Bug, Nailbiter, Absentia, The Mutilation Man and Slices of Life

Worst Movies

Hellraiser: Revelations - Rushed so the studio wouldn't lose the right to it. the latest in the Hellraiser franchise is simply bad. I will say this, it's as good as the previous two incarnations but that doesn't say much. Even bringing in director Victor Garcia and having a familiar face behind the scenes with long time F/X artist Gary J. Tunicliffe providing the screenplay.  The story was ok, they just didn't have a budget and it shows but the funny thing is the movie had a limited theatrical run! Shame on Dimension for making this one just to hold on to the rights. God forbid they go back to the guy who created the series, Clive Barker.

Green Lantern - Ok  Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern was hated by millions, including some of the studio brass at Warner Brothers. could it have been better? YES, a lot better! The cast is great and the story was good but it had too much cheese to it. Mark Strong's Sinestro was the highlight of the story to me, especially after the end credits. You caught that right?

The big questions is, does this movie deserve a sequel? YES! If made right it definitely does! I'd love to see the story pick up with Sinestro and his new yellow power! Reynolds is fine being Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, just calm down on the one liners and jokes and lets make a darker Green Lantern movie that the kids and adults will enjoy.

Other notables for worst movie are Children of the Corn: Genesis, The Howling: Reborn and Super 8 (yes, I said it). There are plenty of others, many you've never even heard of or ever will! 

Best New TV Show

Once Upon a Time - This show is hands down my favorite new show on TV. Fairytale mixed with real life is just awesome. The cast is great and the writing is the heart beat of the show. Simply amazing characters and stories that include all of our favorite characters from our childhood.

Grimm - The struggling NBC network took a chance with David Greenwalt's Grimm and cashed in. This is another show that is based on fairytale like characters and is a fun watch.  A cop and his werewolf buddy investigate crazy happenings in their small town.

This show definitely has that Buffy the Vampire slayer feel and with good reason. Greenwalt and company hail from that series! Grimm has already been renewed for a second season and if you haven't watched an episode yet then tune in on Friday nights and enjoy!

Honorable mentions: The Walking Dead Season Two, Terra Nova, The Secret Circle, American Horror Story, Falling Skies  and Ringer

Worst New TV Show

The Playboy Club - One of the new seasons biggest yawners and failures. I knew from the beginning that this show wouldn't make it through its first order and it didn't. It only lasted 3 episodes and got the big ax!

 It was just a forgettable major borefest set in the 60's.

Pan Am - Even though this show hasn't officially been canned it was another boring show. What could save it is the great cast involved with it.

We'll see if it ever returns.

More bad shows: Allen Gregory, Charlies Angels, and...

Comic Books

DC Comics - All of the comic book fans were worried about the new 52 but they landed and have found an audience reintroducing our favorite characters, some looking a little different now.

This made worldwide headlines! 


Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber - Hasbro went all out with this awesome toy lightsaber. It's so nice you probably wouldn't want to play around with it. It lights up, makes noises and more. Even the packaging is top notch!  This was my favorite Star Wars toy from 2011 and my first lightsaber!

Best Video Games

Batman: Arkham City - This game was highly anticipated and was a hit with gamers. The hype and build up had a  great pay off.

Honorable mentions: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Portal 2The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dead Space 2, Gears of War 3, and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Best Album

The Foo Fighters: Wasting Light is  the bands seventh studio album and the best to date. 

Dave Grohl and company returned with a vengeance and has six Grammy nominations for the album including Album of the Year. 

If you love rock music and haven't listened to the album yet then you need to because it's awesome, song for song!

I know there's a lot more movies, TV shows, games and more I could have added but it would have went on forever. Here's to a great 2012! Keep spreading the word about Alien Bee.- Brian

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