Saturday, December 3, 2011

Actress/Model KAREN ZOMBORA Is The Alien Bee BABE Of The MONTH For December

Meet model/actress and zombie girl Karen Zombora, the Alien Bee Babe of the Month for December! Christmas is looking good this year for sure!

The Dallas based actress is a fan of horror films (of course), she's a Zodiac and a huge fan of Milla Zovovich. She has toured with The Jim Rose Circus for the Musink Tattoo Convention back in 2010 and now she's jumped into the movies. She also enjoys doing SFX and if I was a monster I'd be happy she was doing mine! Karen is an aspiring actress and model and is even nicknamed "Monster Girl", a pretty one and one of my favorites I might add! She's been "killed" a few times on screen so be on the lookout, Rob Zombie are you paying attention? 

Enjoy the Alien Bee Babe of the Month for December: Karen Zombora!

BTS video from the shoot

Model: Karen Zombora

Karen's weekly reality show is streamed live, every wednesday night on the: Domain of Horror 8pm(cst)

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