Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Web Series: Check Out The Insane Trailer For 'VIVA BERLIN' From Germany!

This new trailer for the upcoming German web series 'VIVA BERLIN' looks insane! Lots of gory, bloody goodness! There will be a total of five episodes that take place in a quarantined, zombie infested Berlin.


An unknown plague is rapidly spreading in Berlin. All its carriers turn into blood-thirsty zombies who feed off the uninfected. After a short time, ninety five percent of the population is dead or undead; Berlin’s face has changed entirely. VIVA BERLIN! is Germany’s first serious attempt at a zombie project. The series consists of five mini-episodes – horror stories without a single soft spot. The ultimate genre experience – as hard and unsparing as true zombie fans appreciate it.

Visit http://vivaberlin.net/

Souce: Bloody-Disgusting

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