Friday, November 4, 2011

Watch All-Star Horror Short NIGHT OF THE LITTLE DEAD In Its Entirety!

Hey "little" horror peeps! I've been following Night of the Little Dead pretty much from the beginning and we have some good news for you! You can watch it now, right here! And remember, "it's the little things that gettcha."


Night of the Little Dead, the latest genius horror film from the directors at Ghost Works LLC, is now available in its entirety on You Tube. This highly-anticipated short film stars famed horror actor Bill Moseley, geek god Adam Savage and loud-mouthed Penn Jillette, as well as, Erica Taylor, Aye Jaye, James Hurley, Gary Morgan, all fighting for their lives against a little zombie played by Martin Klebba.

Set in a quiet Midwestern fishing town at Sadie’s Grub ‘n Grub, the local watering hole and baitshop, the mood changes once a couple of tourists run in covered in blood. Not easily spooked, the locals set out to find whatever caused this horrific accident, only to find themselves caught up in a terrifying lil’ situation. It’s the little things that get ya!

Directed by special fx artist Frank Ippolito (SyFy’s Face Off) and Ezekiel Zabrowski, the same dynamic duo that brought you Dracula’s Daughters vs. the Space Brains. Executive produced by the Chiodo Bros., this 12 minute film offers a unique story never-before-told.

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