Monday, November 7, 2011


GAMMA LABS LAUNCHES NEW GAMING INITIATIVE, GAMMA GAMERS Featuring GAMMA LABS PTF Brand Ambassadors “Call of Duty” MLG PRO Gamers Jordan “Proofy” Cannon, Skylar “Foreplay” Johnson, Will “BigTymer” Johnson, Coach Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, and Tosh “Stainville” McGruder

Los Angeles, November 7, 2011 - Gamma Labs announced today their new Gaming Initiative, Gamma Gamers, a new website ( where fans can find the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on Gamma Labs sponsored MLG Pro gamers.

A launch event will take place at GameStop in Culver City Monday night. In addition to introducing their new initiative, Gamma Labs will be promoting their Pre-Training Formula (PTF), a supplement perfect for gamers at all levels. With PTF, a gamer can improve focus, stamina and endurance without the jitters or hard crash as experienced with other energy drinks. On hand at Monday’s launch will be MLG pro gamers Mason Cobb, Nick Johnson, Jordan Cannon (who is known in the community as the “Call of Duty” top gamer), Playmate and gamer Jo Garcia, UFC Octagon Girl, gamer and Gamma Ambassador Brittney Palmer, who will be talking to fans, playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and spreading the word about PTF and the Gamma Gamers initiative.

Quote Gamma Labs CEO Clifford Morgan, “The Gamma Gamers website provides a natural progression for our Gamma Labs brand, product line and mission. Our Gamma Labs PTF is quickly becoming the product of choice for endurance and focus which is perfect for the gaming community. We are proud to present a portal for serious gamers and have great plans for future content.”

Gamma Labs has done a significant amount of work to establish a foothold in the gaming world, and is announcing sponsorships for the best MLG Call of Duty players which include these Gamma Gamer Brand Ambassadors who will be providing exciting content for the Gamma Gamers site: Coach Mike “Hastr0” Rufail and gamers Tosh “Stainville” Mcgruder, Jordan “Proofy” Cannon, Skylar “Foreplay” Johnson and Will “BigTymer” Johnson. Gamma Gamers has plans to announce their MLG Pro Halo Brand Ambassador gamers and coaches in the near future.

Quotes Jordon “Proofy” Cannon, “I use PTF because it gives me that extra boost to take down the top Call of Duty players in the world. It gives me that X Factor I need to be the best…no one is on my level when I take Gamma Labs PTF. Now Gamma Gamers is taking the next step in supplying us gamers with what we need to become successful and without all the sugar. The website is extremely beneficial to this community and will continue to grow with time. It has the potential to become the hottest thing in the gaming industry with the best players streaming live, with pictures, news articles, upcoming events and showing the incredible, positive effect the product has on us and our game.”

Continues Proofy, “Gamma Gamers has it all, and being a Gamma Gamers Brand Ambassador is one of the best privileges I will ever encounter in my career! Being here from the start and watching all of our hard-work and dedication put in full effect when the site goes viral today, will be an experience that will only happen once in a lifetime for any gamer. Being one of the best Call of Duty players and showing how Gamma Gamers and PTF will continue to take me to another level is something other gamers will want as well. Product is awesome, I've already upped my game with PTF, now it’s time to shed light to the rest of the community.”

Also announced as part of the Gamma Gamers launch:

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About Gamma Labs: 
Gamma Labs, a division of Gamma Enterprises, LLC, is a company dedicated
to supplying its customers with natural supplements, which are based on the latest science and
manufactured to the highest levels of pharmaceutical standards. Founded in 2004, Gamma Labs’
mission is to deliver proven, natural supplements, which set up a foundation for peak performance
And healthy living. For more information on Gamma Labs PTF, visit:

About Gamma Labs’ Pre-Training formula (PTF): Gamma Labs PTF is used by the top MLG Pro
Call of Duty and Halo players in the world. Gamma Labs PTF takes gamers to the the next level by
providing maximum energy without the jitters and crash experienced with other energy drinks. PTF
does not contain the vast amounts of sugar, sodium and calories found in leading energy drink
brands. Half the price and twice the punch…Gamma Labs PTF takes you to the next level.

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