Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video Game: SUBSONIC Sells Out Of Camo Editions Controllers In Less Than A Week


WILLIAMSBURG, VA – Gaming accessory manufacturer SUBSONIC and their North American marketing partner, FAME, LLC have recently released Camo editions for two of their top products, the Bluetooth Headset and Pro Controller.  SUBSONIC's newest vendor, Play N Trade, sold out of the Camo edition controllers in less then a week.  A reorder has already been placed. 
The SUBSONIC Pro Controller Camo Edition is designed for maximum comfort and style at an affordable price point. Featuring a unique soft touch grip, the Pro Controller Camo Edition is available in three unique camo patterns: blue, black & white, and traditional green, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user's hand.  Compatible with both PS3 and PC consoles, the Pro Controller Camo Edition also includes a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and vibration feedback motors which add realism for the user, while the curved triggers allow for greater precision during play.
The SUBSONIC Bluetooth Camo Headset equips customers for the most intense PS3 games with a cool camo pattern while optimizing comfort and durability with up to 5.5 hours of talk time. This lightweight, easy to use headset is also compatible with all Bluetooth V2.0 devices such as cell phones and fits on either ear, while its Lithium-ion battery can be recharged with the included USB cable. Adjustable volume control and anti-interference technology further add to the user experience.
The Play N Trade, owned by Swade Beasley of Colonial Heights, Virginia, has been a principal in carrying and selling SUBSONIC products. “I have the insight of both an inventory manager and a sales representative as I also interact with the customer to get their feedback," says Brandon Rowland, the store manager at the Colonial Heights location.  "In short, I am impressed by the Subsonic line and am one that will continue to not only carry but showcase them.”  SUBSONIC looks to expand their line of gaming accessories into more Play N Trade stores in the coming months.
Valued at an MSRP of $49.99 for the Pro Controller Camo Edition and $24.95 for the Bluetooth Headset Camo Edition, SUBSONIC’s gaming accessories are proven to provide superior value to the end user at competitive prices.  Both products will be available at J&R Music World, Micro Center and Play N Trade locations.
For more information on SUBSONIC and its line of video gaming products, please contact Becky O’Connell at For additional information, visit or
Founded in 2006, SUBSONIC is a pioneer of accessory products.  A top-three accessory manufacturer in Europe, Subsonic takes pride in its design and first-to-market approach.  Ninety percent of all SUBSONIC products have been internally designed, providing consumers with an unparalleled level of quality control.  SUBSONIC prides itself in manufacturing high-end, feature-rich products for the discriminating gamer, superior in quality and value to all other competing products in the marketplace.  Please visit for more info. 
Williamsburg, VA-based FAME LLC is a limited liability company with a principal office and place of business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  FAME, LLC is the national distributor of the SUBSONIC product line.  Under the direction of Chief Operating Officer Alison Morrison, FAME serves as the exclusive purchasing, distribution, fulfillment and sales enterprise for SUBSONIC’S products throughout the United States and all of North America.  Chief among the company’s responsibilities are product branding activities, ranging from logo development and creation to packaging, advertising, promotion and marketing. 

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