Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Take A Look At Some Unused Props From THE THING Prequel

Only a smile a mother could love, right?  With a mixture of practical FX and CGI THE THING prequel, Matthijs van Heijningen’s was loved by some and hated by others. I for one enjoyed it!  A lot of fans said they missed the practical FX that was used from the original movie and it took away form this new prequel.

What you see here are some unused make up FX from Vincent Guastini and his team.

Here's a quote from Guastini;

“a more tangible, cohesive being. I wanted to show what the creature looked like in its purest form, a chance to glimpse these beings as a race before they took the shape of those they assimilated. Eric loved the concepts and mentioned that if I was hired for the show, they would love to keep the effects like they were designed in the ’80s and made by Rob Bottin.”

So what do you think? Hit the link below for more pics!

Source: Makeup Mag

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