Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PROMETHEUS Will Have "Creatures You Recognize" In It

Michael Fassbender and some of the cast talked to Entertainment Weekly about PROMETHEUS, the alleged Alien prequel. Director Ridley Scott and Fassbender have both teased or hinted about the film being related to the Alien films but with no direct answer.

Here's what Fassbender had to say about the film;
“There’s definitely a link to Alien, There’s creatures in it that you’ll recognize.”
But co-star Charlize Theron is playing coy. saying;
 “I think people should really let go of the idea that it’s an Alien film.”
The mystery alone with this $100 million project from Fox will draw in  more fans. I'm looking forward to seeing this cool looking flick when it hits theaters on June 8, 2012.

Source: EW 

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