Friday, November 18, 2011

New Images From Horror Flick 'THE SACRED'

Dread Central shared these four new images from Osiris Entertainment's new horror offering, THE SACRED. The movie is directed by Jose Zambrano Casella and stars Jessica Blackmore (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr), Jordan Wall (A&E's "The Glades"), and John Kyle (The Woods Have Eyes).

You can order the DVD right now at the official The Sacred website.


A group of university students travel to a remote patch of land deep in the Florida swamps to complete their thesis project on Native American folklore.
A couple of hundred years ago this “Sacred” ground was used by Indians to judge criminals and unwanted members of the tribal community. According to legend, these grounds have the power to bring "sins” back to life, to bring the dead back to life, punishing whoever is guilty of serious crimes.
As the students quickly find out, past actions can lead to present nightmares.

Source: Dread Central

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