Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movie Review: THE ROAD (2011)

Diving in head first watching director Yam Laranas' new flick THE ROAD, I knew a little about the plot of the film and watching it was an exciting and haunting experience. I'm going to try and do this Spoiler Free because this is a special movie that the audience needs to experience from beginning to end, without me giving too much away.

The movie centers around missing people and an old road in the Philippines that has been boarded up and closed. The story spans over a twelve year period and slowly solves this dark mystery as we watch it unfold. Two sisters go missing in the beginning and the case is never solved. Fast forward and we get three teenagers who go down this road and witness some strange things and also come up missing.  As people look for them and the movie slowly goes along we get questions answered that we asked in the very beginning plus a few startling surprises.

This ghost story is one built on tragedy, heart break, suffering and even surprise.  The story is solid, Larans' hand is all over this film and it completely shows his raw talent. Lighting always helps make a movie and in this case it almost plays a character, especially when you're dealing with ghosts in this dark setting!  All of the acting is excellent and even the score fits right in and helps make The Road what it is, a near perfect thriller. One thing I look at when watching a movie is if I could watch it again and with The Road it's a definite yes! Laranas is a great story teller!

Bottom line is, director Yam Laranas is a director to keep a close eye on. He's a great story teller that has delivered a dark, haunting atmospheric film with The Road. This is one of the best ghost stories I've seen! 4/5


sarex831 said...

I've seen the movie primiere last friday (nov 25). All i can say is the best horror movie i have seen so far. The cinematography, lighting and storytelling is superb. Yam Laranas really knows his elements this genre.

Anonymous said...

galing! Thumbs up!

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