Thursday, November 10, 2011

Game: The Racing Heats Up on Facebook Games with TOYOTA's Social Network Racer

The Racing Heats Up on Facebook Games with TOYOTA's Social Network Racer

Thousands of users have signed on to play TOYOTA's new Facebook game Social Network Racer. The game was launched October 19th to promote the release of the highly anticipated front engine/rear wheel drive, production model of the FT-86 II Concept. The production model car is based on TOYOTA's super-sleek concept sports car that has been turning heads at international auto shows from Geneva to New York.

The Facebook game Social Network Racer allows users to experience TOYOTA's adrenaline pumping FT-86 II Concept by challenging racers to compete in an international Facebook competition to crown the fastest racer in the world. The game utilizes the newly released Adobe Flash Player 11, which allows gamers and auto enthusiasts to experience 3D accelerated graphics. Games Blogs notes TOYOTA is “the first to use the new 3D capabilities commercially.”

The game offers the user a great opportunity to experience the FT-86 Concept II, firsthand. Neocrisis says, “The game Social Network Racer utilizes the next-generation Adobe Flash Player 11 to deliver high-quality 3D-accelarated graphics, giving social gamers and auto enthusiasts alike the chance to grab the wheel of Toyota's unreleased concept car for a unique and fun virtual driving experience.”

The speed and graphics of the game are not the only things attracting racers. Gamers who have signed up for Social Network Racer are excited about the social media aspect of the game. Each racetrack is customized using content from the user's personal Facebook page and ‘liked’ pages. Online game review site comments, “ is the social profile integration that is incredibly entertaining. As you race through the city streets, images, status updates, and other postings that have been made (to your Facebook page) will be plastered on billboards, across skyscrapers, and along banners.”

As for ‘liked’ Facebook pages, gamers love that they can race on tracks incorporating content directly from their favorite celebrity's fan page. Facebook user James Smith recently commented on Facebook saying, “I loved racing Toyota FT-86's page. Toyota FT-86's pictures and its fans' pictures around the track were awesome!”

Social Network Racer already has thousands of users worldwide competing for the chance to be crowned the fastest racer in the Facebook world. Every day, the number of racers is expanding as users sign on to experience the excitement of TOYOTA's Social Network Racer. The racing continues until the end of the year, so don't miss out.

To see TOYOTA's new video displaying Social Network Racer's highly detailed graphics, go to:

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