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Exclusive Interview: Actor Chip Joslin Talks Humans Vs. Zombies And More

Actor Chip Joslin plays Brad in the upcoming Humans Vs. Zombies movie which is down right entertaining and takes a little different approach to the zombie apocalypse and how it could happen.  Chip also talks about some of his experiences filming HVZ, more about his character, his favorite horror movies and some of his upcoming projects.

Check out my latest Versus with Chip Joslin and remember Humans Vs. Zombies hits theaters in limited release on November 11th and then on Chiller in early 2012.

Alien Bee - First off, we have lots of cool readers so tell them about Humans Vs. Zombies and your character.
Chip Joslin - The film is a adrenaline filled, zombie bashin', wild ride based on a role-playing game currently played on college campuses around the world.  We shot in and around Pittsburg, TX.  From Mayor Shawn to the every day citizen, they truly rolled out the red carpet for us everywhere we went.   Sadly, I may be personally responsible for the recent chicken fried steak and gravy shortage.  After working on many projects, I've never seen a Film Commissioner work as hard as the one in East Texas.  Ron Hollomon was on set or behind the scenes working non-stop to get this film shot every day.  We also had hordes of local devoted zombies lined up in the freezing cold every morning to shoot.  It was a bloody treat to see so many true zombie fans helping to make your movie! 
As far as my character goes, Brad is a loud-mouth, opinionated party boy who's always looking for a good time.  
Alien Bee - How close to your character are you in real life?
Chip Joslin - Ha!  My character Brad was probably more like me a few years ago.  Though I'm still looking for good times, I've settled down a bit in my old age.
Alien Bee - How is it working under Brian Jaynes' direction? He seams like a pretty cool dude!
Chip Joslin -Yep, Brian is a cool dude!  He's definitely an actor's director.  Though he clearly has a vision on what he wanted from us, he also gave us the leeway to explore and improvise.  This is a real luxury to an actor and one of the best gifts that a director can offer us (next to huge cash bonuses).  He would also ask us if we were happy with our takes.  This almost never happens in TV and rarely in film.   Also, Brian really put together a seasoned crew and a cast of great young actors including Madison Burge, Melissa Carnell, Frederic Doss, Jesse Ferraro and Jonah Prior.  He actually even rented an entire English Bed and Breakfast for me and the other leads so that we could all spend time getting to know one another.  In an ensemble piece like this, I think this was a genius idea, though it may be a while before I crave shepherd's pie.
Alien Bee - The movie begins its limited theatrical release on 11/11. with more cities being added daily and a premiere on Chiller early in 2012. How cool is it that this movie is making all this cool noise?
Chip Joslin - It's been amazing!  The filmmakers were wise to actually produce a film that already has a built-in audience with both the HvZ players and the zombie fans.  I recently saw the film at Splatterfest in Houston and the audience seemed to really dig it.  There were some really great reactions!
Alien Bee - What other projects  do you have going on?
Chip Joslin - Some films that I'm in talks for are "The King and the Queen's Men" about the untold relationship between Elvis and The Beetles.  They are talking to me about playing the 30-40 year old Elvis. I've also been talking to a filmmaker from the Bay Area about a suspense thriller called "Shadows in the Midst" where I play a deranged killer.  There are a couple of period pieces and possibly a werewolf film on the horizon as well.  When I have the time, I'm finishing up my next feature that I plan on shooting in Texas in 2012.  It's a dark comedy...a very dark comedy.
Alien Bee - I know it's passed Halloween but give me your top 5 favorite scary movies.
Chip Joslin - The top one is always easy, "The Shining".  Man, that's a great film!  Depending on my mood, my next four would probably be "Jaws", "The Exorcist", "Psycho" and "The Amityville Horror". I saw all of these in my youth and they all made a lasting impression.  I'd give honorable mentions to Guillermo's, "The Devil's Backbone", "Deliverance", "Silence of the Lambs", and "Alien".   I know, you said five so I'll stop...after this one.  I was recently reminded of "Picture Mommy Dead". That "worms crawl in, the worms crawl out" song haunted me for years.  I'll have to re-visit that one at some point.  
Alien Bee - Do you have a website, Facebook or Twitter where people can find you online?
Chip Joslin - Thanks for asking.  My website is or on IMDB at  I recently gave into the twitter world @ChipJoslin
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to all the readers checking this out?
Chip Joslin - Thank you for supporting Humans Vs. Zombies and independent film and thank you Brian for all that you do!  People like you do so much for our craft and our business! Talk soon, my friend...

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