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Exclusive Interview: Director Joe Lynch Talks Chillerama, Holliston And Knights Of Badassdom

Joe Lynch is part of the directing team along with Adam Green, Tim Sullivan and Adam Rifkin who are bringing us CHILLERAMA, a new anthology that simply can't be missed.  I've been following Lynch's work since I saw Wrong Turn 2 (my favorite of the series). We've all seen him do his segments and reports on G4's Attack of the Show and the guy just keeps on working on cool project after cool project that all of us geeks and nerds can look forward to and will be able enjoy. We have HOLLISTON that'll hit FEARnet early next year and also the highly anticipated KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM

Lynch has been put in a position to where he can make these projects that fans actually want to see and enjoy, unlike most of the crazy remakes we've been seeing, He's in tune to the fans which makes him one of my favorite directors to keep an eye on. Lynch is a fanboy's director, simply put! Check out my latest Versus as director Joe Lynch tells us all about these cool projects, his bromance with Green, doing good deeds and lots, lots more! Oh, and be sure to pick up the awesome Chillerama (Unrated) [Blu-ray] on November 29th!

Alien Bee - First off, congrats on all of the cool exposure Chillerama is getting!

Joe Lynch - Thanks! We're thrilled at the response CHILLERAMA been getting from fans. Good, bad or otherwise, it sure is getting a reaction out of people so I say we're accomplishing part of our mission. Now we just gotta pray people buy or rent it and not just download it. Believe me, glowing blue sperm never looked more fantastic than on Blu-Ray!

 Alien Bee - Ok, tell me about Chillerama and your segment 'Zom B Movie'

Joe Lynch - In a nutshell, CHILLERAMA is a gloriously grotesque celebration of the movies the four of us-Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green and myself-grew up with as kids who loved movies. We always talked about our love of B-Movies, pushing audience's buttons and of course the structure of anthologies, so we thought it would be a gas to actually make one with all the things we thought we'd never be able to get away with otherwise. ZOM-B-MOVIE, DEATHICATION and all of the wraparound elements I came up with as my contribution to CHILLERAMA was a culmination of years as a kid dreaming up the most outrageous things I loved in movies and also wished I could see in movies, almost like a dare...which is kinda telling how disturbed a kid I must have been, yikes. But also the love of the communal experience of watching movies with others, both familiar and strangers, and how that experience is dying too. Kinda heavy stuff for a Z-flick, huh? Well, it's all up there in the form of CHILLERAMA and we're thrilled its going out to hopefully infect future generations the way the movies we're sending up infiltrated our imaginations. That its even getting released like it has, with the old-school roll out like the AIP days of traveling the film around the world ending with a big home release right in time for boggles the mind. But I'm so glad we did it as a great way to pay respect to what made us love movies and also do something totally off-the-wall. Now with that out of the way, I'm ready for my period costume drama, thank you.

Alien Bee - How did you, Adam Green , Tim Sullivan and Adam Rifkin come up with the idea to do this cool anthology?

Joe Lynch - Over a lot of fried food at the Rainbow bar and grill in Hollywood...we always found ourselves using movies as a language; referencing scenes, using movie quotes to highlight a point, etc. So it was that use of "cinema as language" that fueled the fire that led to Rifkin and Sullivan talking about this anthology they've been talking about and Green and I jumped aboard. The rest is infamy.
Alien Bee - Ok, tell me about Holliston.

Joe Lynch - HOLLISTON is a sitcom. It stars Adam Green, myself, Corri English, Laura Ortiz, Dee Snider, Oderus Urungus and a mentally challenged cat. Its on FEARnet next spring. It's got blood. Should I go on? Did I mention the cat?

Alien Bee - Give me an update on Knights of Badassdom and when we can expect to see it.

Joe Lynch - KNIGHTS is chugging along as planned and we should be announcing some stuff soon. I'm going to show some goodies from it next week in Austin for a special event Green and I are doing called "A Very Green and Lynch Christmas" at the Alamo Drafthouse. If you're in the area, come on down! We have free stuff. Green might get naked. It's gonna get sloppy. But hey, its for a good cause!

Alien Bee - You and Adam Green have this kinda cool bromance going. How much fun do you guys have making these projects?

Joe Lynch - We actually hate each other but since Green's embraced by the male geek demo and the chicks dig me-I think it's the hair- we kinda feel like we need each other so we tolerate the company...It's a parasitic relationship actually. I think it's gonna end SID AND NANCY style very soon. TMZ, here we come!

Alien Bee - What has been your favorite filming experience to date?
Joe Lynch - I don't think there's one project I've done where I haven't had one of those experiences; its what fuels us to keep doing what we're doing. Each project has at least one, and I don't want to devalue the moments I had from those previous films or projects since many times each one is different you can't compare. All you CAN compare is that moment when you find yourself smiling, either next to the camera or in the monitor or in the edit or even internally since you're supposed to be "in the moment"...that "Barton Fink Feeling" I'd always call it to be a geek for a moment.
I can share my LAST great filming experience, which was on HOLLISTON on the last day of filming. Now it wasn't my favorite filming experience on the show BECAUSE it was the last day; quite the contrary-we were ALL bummed it was ending. The whole HOLLISTON filming process was so gratifying and special, all of us from the cast to the crew didn't want it to end. I can honestly say every day was a "favorite" day! But we scheduled the last day to be one of our biggest production-wise, which included a cameo from a special guest filmmaker who figures prominently into the storyline. I'm not sure if I can divulge who it was but I got to act with one of my all-time heroes, which was both very surreal and so very amazing. And looking back, I can safely say I didn't embarrass myself too badly either, which makes sleeping at night so much better. But yeah, that day, those was one of those "pinch yourself" times, you know? There was movie magic in the air...even if it was a TV sitcom.That's the last "favorite" moment I've had and can't wait for the next one(s).

 Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to everybody checking this out?
Joe Lynch - Thanks for reading up till now, stop by anytime! Now, back to your 4channing, facebooking and PornoTubing. When you're done, get your pals and a 6-pack & enjoy CHILLERAMA...on Blu Ray! It goes well with beer and buds.

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