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Exclusive Interview: Actor Matthew Anderson Talks Syfy's Rage Of The Yeti And More

Actor Matthew Anderson returns to Syfy this Saturday night, November 12th and stars in Rage of the Yeti, taking on a bunch of pissed of abominable snowmen from hell.  The horror/thriller comes from UFO International Productions and director David Hewlett (“Stargate: Atlantis,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”), who also appears in the film alongside Yancy Butler (reuniting her with fellow “Witchblade” co-star Chokachi) and Jonas Armstrong (the BBC’s “Robin Hood”).

Check out my latest Versus with Matthew Anderson who shares more about Rage of the Yeti, his experience while filming the arctic creature feature, Trick 'r Treat and his upcoming comedy Odd Brodsky.

Alien Bee - Tell me about Rage of the Yeti and your character.
Matthew Anderson -  Rage Of the Yeti is a story about 2 brothers on a rescue mission in the Arctic. I play Jace Tucker, he is the younger more tech savvy and technical of the two brothers -- also less handsome. I got the brains while my older brother Jonas (David Chokachi) clearly got the brawn. Jonas is a true action hero, always charging forward with agun in his hand and flying by the seat of his pants. My character Jace likes a plan, enjoys structure and prefers to think about what is on the other side of the door before we kick it in. It is a great dynamic that we honed together while working throughout the film.
The Tucker brothers are a couple of hired guns who are sent on a rescue mission to find another team that has gone missing on a job in the Arctic. We get dropped into a blizzard in the middle of now where to locate them and get them out... or more importantly get what they had come there to retrieve. But, obviously we run into a problem... Yeti's... and they are very, very angry.
Alien Bee - I love these freaking movies! How cool is it to be in a cool Syfy
movie like this?
Matthew Anderson -  I had a blast. This is the first film I have done where I get to run around with big guns and play that fine line of action and comedy. I love this genre and going away to shoot on location was a great experience. It's why I got into this business. Not many peoplecan say they shot a movie in Bulgaria on the top of Mount Vitosha. I can say that and I think that's pretty rad!
Alien Bee - You have some pretty well known co-stars including David Hewlett,
Yancy Butler, David Chokachi and Jonas Armstrong. Any cool stories you
can share while ya'll was filming?
Matthew Anderson - We were blessed with a great cast. We all got along really well. Yancy and David new each other from their Witchblade days. Jonas, Chokachi and I got on like a house on fire. There was never a dull moment and we all came away from this shoot good friends. It was tough shooting in blizzard-like conditions for the majority of thefilm, but it made us bond quickly and really look out for each other. I remember days where we would wrap and all pile into the back of a massive snow cat and drive back down the mountain amazed at what we had just been through. Then local producers there would take us out for a taste of Bulgarian culture on the weekend... it was so different from anywhere I have ever been. I'll never forget it.
My buddy Jason Mamoa was in town shooting Conan the Barbarian at the same time as us, which was cool. We were able to get together a few times...sit down and look at each other like can you believe this? Look at where we are and what we are doing right now. This is crazy!
Alien Bee - How big of a challenge is it going up against a CG monster?
Matthew Anderson - Production would show us images of what we were supposed to be reacting to so we had an idea of how freaked out we should be. It's challenging to keep that heightened sense of urgency and fear when there is nothing there, but that is what makes the job fun. Finding ways to overcome those challenges. There is a scene where a Yeti reaches through a window and grabs my brother Jonas and starts to throw him around. They brought in a massive Bulgarian dude, put a long green sock on his arm and we went at it. That was fun and it feels very real. It really does help when you can have something there towork off of... even just a big green arm.
Alien Bee - You got to be a part of one of my favorite horror films ever, Trick
'r Treat. How was it making this cool cult classic?
Matthew Anderson -  Thanks! I love that movie too. I'm honored to be a part of it - my first fan letter was from a Trick 'r Treat fan. I got to hang out with a group of beautiful actress' all day in elf ears, what could be better? Everyone was really cool and we had a great time on set. Itwas obviously a lot of night shoots but we were able to joke around a lot, have fun and keep the time passing by. Working with Anna Paquin was a real treat, she is an awesome lady.
Alien Bee - Any cool behind-the-scenes stories?
Matthew Anderson - I just remember a lot of blood. the forest scenes were supercold and makeup would always come around and ad more cold liquid bloodgoo all over you before each shot. The girls had to wear these bigwerewolf heads -- it was bonkers. Then in the middle of it all BryanSinger rolled through to say 'hi' to everyone. That movie was a trip.
Alien Bee - Any other upcoming projects you can share with us?
Matthew Anderson -  I just wrapped a quirky comedy called Odd Brodsky. I was super excited to work with Matthew Irving who was the DOP on Waiting and Waitress and Waiting for Forever... basically anything with the word WAIT in the title he has shot. He is super cool...and co-wrote and co-produced this picture with his wife, director Cindy Baer. They are great people to work with and I can't wait to see it. We shot all over LA and it was my first lead in a film shot here... it was my first real Hollywood experience.
Alien Bee - Do you have a website, Facebook or Twitter where people can find
you on the net?
Matthew Anderson - and @handsomanderson
Alien Bee - Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?
Matthew Anderson - This is a fun action movie that goes like a rocket. Sit back,enjoy and have a laugh... then watch it all over again!  I can't wait to go to Director David Hewlett's house and watch it on Saturday. Oh the memories!

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