Saturday, November 12, 2011


Watching THE OPEN DOOR on DVD was a surprisingly good horror movie! The movie has a cool and dark story and a young cast that follows the paths of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and other teen genre flicks from our past.

We follow Angelica (Catherine Georges) who is a good girl with some pretty strict parents. Her friends go to a party one night while she isn't aloud to go. Angelica is a likable character, kind of gulable and one you find yourself rooting for. A few of her friends decide to bring the party to her house  and when they show up things get really dark because of a strange wish she made earlier to a weird call-in radio show "from hell". Her wishes start coming true and none of them are good! Karma also starts taking place to some of the bad seeds in her little circle of friends.

The lighting in the movie definitely plays a huge part in the creepy factor. There's some cool fx shots and enough blood to please the horror fans out there. The cast is great! The only thing I didn't really like is it started off kind of slow but once it gets going it completely draws you in until the surprising and kind of weird ending.

Bottom line is I recommend The Open Door on DVD to the horror fans out there! This is a good horror movie with twists and surprises all the way to the very end. 3.5/5  Releases on 11/15.

Studio: Phase 4 Films

Run Time: 94 Minutes

Rated: Unrated

Special Features: None and I really would have liked some!

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