Saturday, November 12, 2011


From the mind of Neil Gaiman comes NEVERWHERE:15th Anniversary Edition on DVD. I'd never seen the miniseries back in the 90's so I was really looking forward to checking this out but when I did it really just reminded me of early Dr. Who episodes. 

We watch Richard Mayhew (Gary Bakewell, Chef!) who leads an ordinary life in London when one day a girl named Door (Laura Fraser, He Knew He Was Right) falls and injures herself across his path. the girl belongs to a different world, a world called London Below, and has come to London Above determined to learn why her parents have been killed. Mayhew gets involved and his life as he knew it is gone and he's underground, pursued by the murderous messengers.  The two set out to find the Angel Islington, who knows the secret behind the murder of Door's family, and possibly a way for Richard to go home

Neverwhere has some good elements about it and is definitely watchable. To me, the story is great, the acting is great but there just wasn't enough special fx which could have helped out a lot. It just looked like it didn't have a budget at all.

Bottom line is, if you're a Neil Gaiman or BBC fan and liked Neverwhere back in the 90's then this is one  DVD for you, I just couldn't get into it.  On November 15, the BBC will bring to DVD, Neverwhere: 15th Anniversary Edition, the first television miniseries from bestselling author Neil Gaiman. 2.5/5 

Studio: BBC

Run Time: 3 Hours

Rated: NR

Special Features: You get plenty which definitely helped out this DVD!

•15th Anniversary Intro with Neil Gaiman, Lenny Henry and producer Clive Brill
•15th Anniversary Audio Commentary with Gaiman, Henry and Brill
• Original Interview with Gaiman
• Original Audio Commentary with Gaiman
• Photo Gallery
• Character Descriptions
• Neverwhere Map Insert

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