Monday, November 21, 2011


Seen any good horror movies lately? It's tough getting a good slasher flick these days but I tell ya, going in watching THE MUTILATION MAN on DVD I wasn't expecting too much but WOW! was I pleasantly surprised! Blood, guts, gore and a freaking plot! Heck yeah!

I'm going to try and keep this SPOILER FREE. We get a masked slasher who enters a quiet community and begins his torturing ways, leaving nothing but a bloody trail. The killer, (just like Jason Vorhees or Chromeskull) never says a single word in the movie but his actions mixed with the creepy generic masks he wears says enough. Something else that is added to the movie is  a strange alarm clock the killer uses, almost like it's time to go to work, a weird kind of thing for a killer to use and is never really explained.  He has different creative methods and ways of torturing his victims which keeps you drawn in  as the movie goes along. As the story begins to unravel itself we find out there's actually a motive behind the killer's bloody actions which makes this movie and its silent main character even more interesting. Did I mention the F/X are great! Old school practical and I think I saw some CG blood splatters added in, lots of it!

Writer-directors Derek and Shane Cole have come up with a cool story for horror fans to enjoy. The Mutilation Man reminds me of Chromeskull or Leslie Vernon with this mask he wears. Masks like these become trademarks for these kind of characters and their movies which is an ingredient for success in horror. Mix this with lots of blood and emotionless actions and it becomes even better, especially with the cool story this movie has.  There are some gaps in the story but watching this a few times I think it's intentional so the filmmakers can bring this character back and slowly reveal more from this guys past and his intentions. I definitely want more bloody victims from this new killer!

Bottom line is, if you've been looking for a cool new slasher flick then I highly recommend  The Mutilation Man on DVD. 3.5/5 This movie is awesome and it drops on December 6th.

Studio: Midnight Releasing

Run Time: 79 Minutes

Rated: N/A

Special Features: 
  • Trailer

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