Thursday, November 10, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Prologue Rated And Possible Name For The Batwing

More great leaks! Here's a leaked scene from Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that features Batman, Lucious Fox and Catwoman on top of the building with the "Batwing" which is simply referred to as "The Bat".

Courtesy of Official The Dark Knight Rises Community
INT GOTHAM-SKYSCRAPER STAIRWELL - Wayne races up the stairs. Fox gamely follows. (scene 247) actors bale, freeman EXT GOTHAM-SKYSCRAPPER ROOFTOP - They get the Bat ready for flight. (scene 248) actors bale, freeman EXT ROOF TOP-SKYSCRAPER - Batman and Catwoman on the roof. He turns and she's disappeared. (scene 100) actors bale, hathaway EXT SKY ABOVE GOTHAM - PLATE: Batman brings the bat towards a landing in Gotham. (scene 124pt)
Next up is the prologue rating from Box Office Mojo who has given it a PG-13, not surprising there.
 some violence (IMAX Prologue).
So what do y'all think?

Source: ComicBookMovie 

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