Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool New Image From JOHN CARTER

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we have a new image from JOHN CARTER. Don't look behind you John Carter, here a giant white ape!

Director Andrew Stanton had this to say about the giant white apes;
"We made the white apes a formidable creature that you kind of hear about throughout the movie, but you never really witness." He says they they are "nocturnal, almost like moles — they stopped using their eyes, and just had a heightened sense of smell."
The director also talks about John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) and what happens to him;
 "Needs an army to solve his big problem in the third act, and the only army he knows was his previous captors. When he goes back, the game has changed, and he gets incarcerated. This is what he has to get out of. He has to get out of jail and not get killed by these apes in order to get his bigger problem solved."
Comments on the image of Carter being chained up and a certain "super power" he has;
 "He has this one Superman-like ability where he can leap farther than we can here [on Earth]. But it's like being a man on the moon. It can't be forever. He can build up momentum. This green species called Tharks, they know his one special jumping ability, so they chain him to a rock. It’s entertainment. It’s entertainment to watch this execution. They give him a nice long length of chain, so he can bounce around, but he can't go out of the arena.  It’s an interesting problem to have for that guy."
I'm really looking forward to this epic looking movie when it hits theaters on March 9th, 2012.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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