Thursday, November 24, 2011


Aliens and Thanksgiving go together right?  Well, what better way to celebrate (after you eat) than to throw another cool contest, that's what I do!  Up next is your chance to win a copy of ROSWELL: THE ALIENS ATTACK on DVD thanks to our friends at  Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS Home Entertainment

Here's what you need to do:.

  • "Like" Alien Bee on Facebook and follow on Twitter (if you're on there)
  • Next, send an email HERE and give us your name and mailing address with the article title in the subject line . 
  • The contest ends on Tuesday, November 29nd.
  • The lucky winners will be  randomly picked and the DVD will be mailed off to them! It's that easy!
  • Open to U.S. residents only!


UFO's. Space aliens. Death rays. It's the stuff comic books are made of...or is it? Science fiction and scientific fact collide with a vengeance in this riveting sci-fi thriller. The year is 1947 and something has crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. At the charred crash site, the U.S. military makes a startling discovery: two small, gray bodies with long, narrow fingers, misshapen heads and dark slits for eyes and mouths. The creatures are quickly retrieved and sent to the base, while the P.R. damage control machine shifts into high gear. But what the military has on ice are only decoys. The real alien threat walks among us. They look and sound human, but they're on a chilling mission: to seized control of Earth-before annihilating mankind! Now the best-kept secret on the planet is about to be revealed...but who will survive to tell the tale?

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