Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BURN NOTICE "Necessary Evil" Sneak Peak, Airs 11/17

BURN NOTICE is back with all-new episodes Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network, which means BIG action and even BIGGER explosions are in store. This high-octane hit series stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy banished to sun-soaked Miami with his beautifully hot-tempered girlfriend (Gabrielle Anwar) and goofy partner-in-crime (cult icon Bruce Campbell). This week’s episode is full of secrets – with Michael on a CIA rescue mission for a scientist kidnapped by an African druglord, he doesn’t know who to trust.

Episode Plot:

Michael runs point on a CIA rescue mission involving a scientist kidnapped by an African warlord. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse go undercover as microchip specialists but quickly get in over their heads. Tune in Thursday, 11/17 at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Burn Notice!

Source: USA

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