Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm a fan of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids movies and even bringing in some fresh faces for SPY KIDS - ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD this newest entry ended up being as good or better then the others. We get to see the original Spy Kids (Alexa Varga and Daryl Sabara) show up to help fight the battle with the new big bad guy played by Jeremy Piven.

In Spy Kids 4 we get Jessica Alba has a spy mom who hides her identity from her hubby (Joel McHale) and his two kids. The movie shows Alba's character trying to build a relationship with her  rebelling step kids and when they finally find out she's this cool spy, things get better and a lot more fun.

Something else I noticed in Spy Kids 4 is the special fx have gotten better. We still get the cheesiness but it just looks better now. The story is also lots of fun and fits right in with the other three previous movies from Rodriguez. The story was written by Rodriguez and is a little predictable but still fun to watch. If there's any weak link to the movie, it's McHale, his character wasn't even used too much and he served as comic relief that just wasn't too funny.  Our new kids are fun to watch as they learn how to be spies and to see the original kids come in to help just adds to this movie and was a definite necessity! I don't think this movie could have been as great without us seeing some familiar faces. Even the "spy" dog is fun to watch!

Bottom line is I highly recommend this SPY KIDS - ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD 4-Disc Blu-ray combo pack that even includes the 3D version! This is a fun watch for the entire family and if you're a fan of the other movies then you should enjoy this one! 4/5 . Pick up this movie when it drops on November 22nd.

Studio: The Weinstein Company / Anchor Bay

Run Time: 88 Minutes

Rated: PG

Special Features: 
  • An interview with Robert Rodriguez
  • Spy Kids "Passing the Torch" Featurette
  • "Spy Gadgets" Clip
  • Deleted Scenes
  • More

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