Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blu-ray Review: '13' Starring Jason Statham And Mickey Rourke

Wow! I was just barely familiar with the original 13 Tzameti which is what this new film 13 is based on and even directed by the same guy who did the original, Gela Babluani who also wrote it.

Watching 13 on Blu-ray, it is a brutal film that follows Vince (Same Riley) who gets himself into an underground ring of Russian Roulette . The participants take a number and wear it on the shirts they're given and then risk they'r lives for a huge payout, Vince gets the lucky number 13, thus the name of the movie. Mickey Rourke's character is entertaining to watch like all his others. He's just trying to survive but he's also dealing with a back stabbing representative played by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. also in the mix is Jason Statham who kind of takes a back seat to Riley's character but ultimately is the deciding factor if Vince lives or dies.

Ray Winstone plays a loud mouth in the roulette and he can't stand Vince for some  reason. Alexander Skarsgard plays another rep who is one of the few honest ones participating in this high stakes game of life or death. Skarsgard helps Vince as much as he can as the competition continues with each round the survivors all adding one bullet to the chamber of  their guns and holding it to the head of the person in front of them. Also appearing and doing the "play calling" is Michael Shannon who doesn't play with the participants at all, even though they are as nervous as they've ever been, he's heartless and all business when it comes to this game.

The movie is gritty and brutal at times and shows what actually goes on in some of these underground competitions. Would you risk your life where the odds are always against you for a chance to take home the bank? Some people would. The movie has likable characters that you get behind and want to live, well some of them anyway, and some you want exposed. It's directed well but that's no surprise and watching it all and what ultimately happens at the end will not sit well with the viewer but it's meant to be that way.

Bottom line is if you like gangster style movies or you've seen 13 Tzameti then you should take a look at the Americanized remake on Blu-ray because it's a cool, gritty and sometimes brutal watch and is available now. 4/5

Studio: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: None and I wish it would at least have has a commentary.

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