Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awesome GREEN LANTERN Art Gallery

As a fan of GREEN LANTERN and anything that is art I thought I'd look for some cool artwork to share with everyone. Check it out and show all of the cool  amateur and professional artists some GL love!!

Green Lantern Corp Art by 343GuiltySpark

Brian Austin Green/Green Lantern by jamietyndall

Green Lantern Optimus Prime by Clu-art

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan by RobDuenas

Green Lantern by Zorgia

Green Lantern Corps by AdamWithers

Green Lantern - Iolande by aleciarodriguez

Princess Jasmine Green Lantern by nightwing1975

Green Lantern/Tron by Kid-Liger

Green Lantern Female by Isra2007

Spider-Lantern by Gaff1229

Green Lantern Godzilla by Scatha-the-Worm

Iron Lantern by MegaRed

Bruce Banner/Green Lantern by Daffy69

Ryan Reynolds/Green Lantern by Fandias

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Anonymous said...

those are awesome!

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