Friday, October 21, 2011

Writer John Orloff Talks More BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

John Orloff is still talking about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA just one day after it was announced he would write the big screen adaptation for Bryan Singer and Universal Pictures. 

Many fans are worried if he is heading back to the original series or sticking to what Ron Moore and company came up with for their updated version.  He seems to be staying closer to Moore's universe and says all should be happy with what he has come up with, kind of like what was done with the reboot of Star Trek from J.J. Abrams and his team.

Here's some of what he had to say;
"I'm a huge fan of the original series and of the second show, too. But I always thought the first show was a little too heavily reliant on 'Star Wars,' you know? Whereas I think the second show was really original and really cool. And I think I've come up with a way to write this movie that won't fuck any of that up. I'm not sure how much they want me to talk about it. Let's just say it's not what you expect. It will all work in the universe that exists. It will not conflict with anything Ron Moore has done. I don't think you can compete with what he's done."
What do all of you think?

You can read more over at HitFix 

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