Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm a fan of UNIVERSAL SOLIDER, the first one anyway that put Jean-Claude Van Damme up against a psycho Dolph Lundgren.  After that we had several stright to video sequels that sucked in te most enormous way and then we had a late 90's theatrical release that put Van Damme up against Michael Jai White and Bill Goldberg but this movie was pretty much a flop. 

A few years ago Van Damme teamed up with Lundgren again on a pretty successful and welcomed comeback for "Regeneration" and they are even working on the sequel to that one called "A New Dimension" and we should see it sometime early in 2012. 

Now word is that FremantleMedia, who is billed as Europe's second largest TV production company, has acquired the TV rights to UNIVERSAL SOLDER and will develop it as a "global television property." Are you happy about this? It could go either way but I remember that short lived  Time Cop series that sucked to all get out so this might not look good.

The producers are saying that  this series will set Universal Soldier in a bold new way with a cool update. the verdict is out until we see something.

Source: JoBlo

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