Friday, October 14, 2011

Tech: Jays pushes the boundaries with sophisticated t-JAYS Four for iPhone

Jays pushes the boundaries with sophisticated t-JAYS Four for iPhone

Swedish Jays continues to develop the Mobile Music concept with the expansion of the t-JAYS series. The new model, called t-JAYS Four, features Jays proprietary and highly-praised sound quality, in a simple exterior casing complete with high quality microphone and remote control three-button keypad to ensure perfect compatibility with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The launch of a-JAYS Four for iPhone earlier this year was a definite success, offering a clear upgrade in sound and function for users of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod. With the launch of t-JAYS Four, Jays, once again, pushes the boundaries of sound quality and functionality. Perfectly matching the Apple suite of products, t-JAYS Four offers the user an ergonomic and musically authentic earphone, complete with the t-JAYS 10mm TCD driver, that delivers the best possible sound. The MEMS microphone delivers a 360-degree uptake with noise reduction. This unrivalled product spec has already made t-JAYS a musicians favourite that can be seen on stages worldwide.

“Equipping t-JAYS with a three-button control, as we did with the ground breaking a-JAYS Four iPhone, is a a natural step in our ambition to become the market leader in Mobile Music for the discerning user” comments product manager Peter Cedmer. “Once you realize the benefits of t-JAYS and how amazingly they work with Apple products there is no turning back. We launch t-JAYS Four for iPhone in black, provisionally in November 2011, or as we say, when it’s ready.”

Technical specifications:

- Fully compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod; Answer / Hang up / Play / Pause / Skipping / Previous / Volume.
- Voice control.
- Ergonomic design with the ability to carry the cable in two different directions.
- Microphonics-reducing cable clip.
- High-quality MEMS microphone.
- Dividable cables.
- Kevlar reinforced cables.
- 5 pairs of silicone sleeves in different sizes.
- Carrying case.

Price: $129

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