Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tech: Apple Approves MyMusicCloud for iTunes App Store

Apple Approves MyMusicCloud for iTunes App Store

TriPlay's Cloud-based Music Service Enables Users to Sync  
Music Across Mobile Phones, Tablets and Personal Computers
or Stream Music Via the Web

New York, NY – October 4, 2011 – TriPlay, a multi-faceted technology company focused on providing globally available multimedia services, today announced Apple's approval of TriPlay's MyMusicCloud application for the iTunes App store.  

MyMusicCloud enables users to sync their music across virtually every type of mobile phone, tablet or personal computer including Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Apple's iPhone or iPadMyMusicCloud offers worldwide service availability. Unlike streaming-only music services, MyMusicCloud enables online and offline playback on any mobile phone, tablet or personal computer, as well as streaming through the web.

According to a recent report by comScore, about 80 percent of mobile phone users are still not using their phones to listen to music.

Why aren't more users listening to music on their phones and synchronizing their music across all of their devices including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers or laptops?

It seems likely that many users are not yet aware that there is a solution that allows them to sync their music across multiple devices while not being locked into the Amazon, Google or Apple worlds.

With all of the numerous platforms, devices, operating systems and file formats out there, the digital media market is fragmented. Users cannot easily access their music, videos and photos from the different devices they carry around. Apple’s iTunes (in iCloud) allows users to do so, but only within the Apple ecosystem. MyMusicCloud is the only solution that lets users sync their music over multiple platforms.

“The mission of the company behind MyMusicCloudTriPlay, is to bring the same flexibility to the rest of the marketplace,“ said TamirKoch, CEO for TriPlay. “Users should be able to simply enjoy their music collections on their devices of choice without having to be concerned with technical complexity.”

MyMusicCloud is a new, freemium, cross-platform cloud music service. Unlike streaming-only services such as SpotifyGrooveshark or Pandora, MyMusicCloud enables users to synchronize their music and video collections to their mobile phones and tablets for online or offline playback, as well as streaming through the web. The service launched a couple of weeks ago and is already growing in popularity in the United States and internationally.

MyMusicCloud provides a seamless solution that may be used across multiple devices simultaneously. For example, users can listen to all of their music on an Apple iPad together with an Android, Blackberry or Nokia phone. The synching of music and videos is all done over the air and automatically, without the need for a USB cable or a ‘sync’ button.

For a comparison chart against other cloud music services, please go to www.mymusiccloud.com and "click to compare."

Among the key features and differentiators of MyMusicCloud:
·      Enables streaming and synchronization for online and offline playback
·      Cross-platform solution – any phone with any computer, media player, tablet or operating system
·      No USB cables or sync buttons
·      Works seamlessly with iTunes and Windows Media Player – users can immediately and seamlessly access their existing collections and playlists
·      Store with over 11 million songs available in the U.S., U.K. and Canada (note: Music store not available via iPhone
·      Facebook integration
·      Access lyrics (when available)
·      Ringtones generator

Availability and Pricing

MyMusicCloud is available immediately in the Apple iTunes store or at www.mymusiccloud.com. The service offers online storage of up to 2 GB of songs for free and the ability to purchase additional storage starting at $10 annually for an additional 5 GB of storage. Users in theU.S., Canada and the U.K. can purchase and download music from the MyMusicCloud store. The store offers over 11 million songs for prices starting at $0.19.  

For a limited time, TriPlay will be offering promo codes through various partner sites and social media for free storage. The promo codes entitle users to 5 GB of storage for the first year for free. Alternatively, if users purchase 10 songs through the TriPlay music store or “like”MyMusicCloud on Facebook, they are entitled to 5GB of free storage for the first year.

About TriPlay
TriPlay is a multi-faceted technology company focused on providing globally-available multimedia services. TriPlay's solutions empower users to access content anywhere in the world from any mobile phone, personal computer, tablet or Web-enabled television. TriPlay is a privately held company with offices in New York and Israel. More information can be found at www.triplay.comFacebook and Twitter.

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