Monday, October 31, 2011

"Scares That Care!" $5.00 HALLOWEEN Donation Day!

Do you want to be a good person? Here's your chance to donate just $5 to Scare That Care. the organization that helps sick kids, and women fighting breast cancer is running this all day on Halloween so help out if you can and pass this along to all of your friends! i love helping people so if you can do anything please do and if you can't just pass this along to your friends! In this economy I totally understand!

Paypal says that STC cannot offer prizes in conjunction with the donations but we're gonna do it anyway.

Help us to help sick kids, and women fighting breast cancer. Your donation can be earmarked for one of our three branches, by putting the words "Burns," "Kids," and "Pink" when you donate!

Remember to add these words, which ever you choose!

Here's how how you donate:

A mere $5.00 donation from our fans is all we need! Send your donation via paypal to!

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