Friday, October 21, 2011

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION - "What Happened To Alice?"

Milla Jovovich has taken to her Twitter once again to show us that her character Alice in RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION got a chunk took out of her neck, or something like that.  Resident Evil: Retribution is scheduled to hit theaters on September 14th, 2012

Here;s what she Tweeted earlier;
"What happened 2 Alice?!!!!" 
"Here is the mystery, "what happened to Alice?"pic! Don't know why it got deleted... " 
She added that last part because the pic keeps getting booted, I guess the Twitter bots thinks this is real. and on a side note, she;s pissed at Summit Entertainment for not promoting her latest movie, The Three Musketeers and if you head over to her Twitter you can check this out as well.

Source: Milla Jovovich Twitter 

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