Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION: First Look At Li Bingbing As Ada Wong

Milla Jovovich took to her Twitter once again today and she shared actress Li Bingbing and the new hair style she'll sport playing game favorite Ada Wong in RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION.  She also shared a video of a cool car cash they were filming.

Here's some of her tweets;
MJ:OMG!!! On the set of RE5 n I just saw Bingbing Li in her "Ada Wong" costume! She's INSANELY gorgeous n we're just so lucky 2 hve her! What an amaZing cast, this is getting better n better everyday! *jumping up n down! (well, almost! Lol!)*
MJ: Ok, so this is SO SNEAKY!! I can't show a pic of Bingbing in costume, but here's a pic w the Ada haircut! Shhhh! Don't tell any1!! 

MJ:Here is the drawing from the game of the RED DRESS! lol! And that's all I'm gonna give you or I'm in deep sh*t!!!  

MJ:OMG!!! Ada just shot the hell out of her gun 4 the 1st time in RE!!! YEA!!!
Hit the link in her last tweet to watch the video of the car crash. 
MJ:Oh SNAP!!! I jst filmed the illest car crash for RE5! it's SICK!!! check this vid! 
Source: Milla Jovovich Twitter

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