Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Red Band Trailer For ECHO LAKE Has Axed Its Way Online!

Check out the new red band trailer for ECHO LAKE.  The film stars Brittany Colley, Andre Bland, Brandon Cordon, Vince Martinez, Amberly Pecsek, Kelsey Zukowski, Sam Qualiana, and many more.

Echo Lake was written by Kelsey Zukowski and Jonathan A. Moody who also directed the film and co-produced along with Brandon Cordon This project has been kind of quiet for a while but is finally moving forward with the release of this trailer and it'll also resume filming this winter. Check out the goods below!
Echo Lake is a feature horror film in the slasher subgenre from Sick Flick Productions (The Production Company behind Scream Queen Campfire) . A good amount of it was shot last winter and the rest will be finished this winter. The film is still seeking a 10 grand budget to finish it off. This will include having some new cast added to the film including Jackey Hall (Cyborg Conquest, 869), Shawn C. Phillips (Haunted High, Chillerama), Sierra Holmes (Piranha 3DD, VH1’s Scream Queens), and Melantha Blackthorne (Untitled Snow White, Witching Hour).

 Visit the Indiegogo page where you can help out and donate to the film:

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