Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ok, here's the low down for GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE from New York Comic Con. I tell you, even though the budget is smaller and everybody was skeptical this movie looks like it will be more fun and a much better movie and will probably surpass the first which will hopefully allow this title to continue,


-Dave Sardy, composer of Zombieland, is doing the music for it.

-3D trailer for Underworld played first. A giant ├╝ber Lycan was revealed.

-Scenes from Total Recall were next. New scenes were revealed that weren't shown at SDCC.

-Behind the scenes featurette for Ghost Rider was revealed. The footage featured director Mark Neveldine on skates being dragged by a motorcycle to capture footage. Reportedly, this was more dangerous than what the actual stuntmen were doing in the film.

-Behind the scenes footage ended with F*cking Your Sh*t Up in 3D to wild roars from the crowd.

-Quotes from Brian Taylor: 

"We never had a 2nd Unit director cause that's the most fun so why would we have someone else do it?"

"We just wanted to break cameras, and break stuntguys and break our own necks."

"Nicolas Cage can actually piss fire, no CG required."

"His superpower is he sucks your soul out"

On the MPAA rating:
"You can burn as many people as you want"

-A new extended trailer was revealed with a lot more footage of the Ghost Rider. CG reportedly looked very realistic.

-Brian stated that the movie won't relate to the first movie so much... that it's not a reboot or a sequel but it's four years later and he has to be redeemed "which is what happens when Idris Elba comes knocking on his door"

-There was a cool shot where one guy shot a machine gun at Ghost Rider's head and then he spit out the bullets.

-The directors said they originally wanted Nicolas Cage to star in the Crank films and they'd love to have him appear in Crank 3.

-Someone asked what Nic Cage smells like.....the answer "Vanilla" ._.

-They're calling it a "PG-16" movie and they found ways around the MPAA... they say they have lots of F-bombs and bodies everywhere and they got creative to make it as violent as they wanted.

-Blackout was briefly shown.

-A fan suggested that Mark and Brian direct Deadpool and the crowd roared.

-Another fan yelled "Green Lantern" and Mark responded "Jason Statham is... Green Lantern"

-The Penance Stare will return for Spirit of Vengeance. They wanted it to be more performance-based, so they got an actor to do it... and he said that the Penance Stare will make you feel bad for the bad guy.

-A scene from the trailer... Ciaran Hinds as the Devil saying to Ghost Rider "Worst effin' mistake I've ever made!"

-Anything he touches or rides, it becomes hellified and he uses a lot of different vehicles."

-Lastly, no Spider-Man footage. Reportedly holding that for Wondercon.

So, do  you think this movie sounds like a fun watch or what?

Source: ComicBookMovie / SHH

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