Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Next 2 TRANSFORMERS Movies May Shoot Back-To-Back

We have already told you that Hasbro is wanting another TRANSFORMERS movie but we may get two more that could be filmed back-to-back.

Hasbro is already in active negotiations with Paramount for two more movies that could shoot back-to-back.  Screenwriter Ehren Kruger already has an idea for both movies that DO NOT include Shia LaBeouf but Jason Statham,could actually take the lead for the next two movies. We reported Statham could take over months ago.  Actually I'm ok if LaBeouf doesn't return. One thing I would like to see, let's get those crazy Dinobots in there!

As for Michael Bay, he is interested in returning to direct but he has his next film Pain and Gain on his plate first. If Bay doesn't direct he will executive produce alongside Steven Spielberg.

Source: Showblitz

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