Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ok, I've been following HUMANS VERSUS ZOMBIES for almost a year I guess and finally getting a chance to see the final product is like  little kids waiting all year long for Christmas morning and getting to tear into that big present they had asked for. Christmas came early for this big kid!

Getting to HVZ. Director Brian T. Jaynes gives us a new approach to the zombie virus with H1Z1 aka the zombie virus, we've all heard of H1N1, right!  There are several very slick "what if scenarios" thrown into the movie. We've seen movies where rabies is thrown into the story and develops into the rage virus but what if there are other animals or even insects that could carry a virus like this? Oh yeah, could this really happen?

The movie follows a group of students who team up with a paranoid security guard to take on fellow classmates and some local townspeople who have all been infected with this "swarm" virus. Outnumbered, the small group keep fighting while they look for safety and ultimately find refuge in a small church and a preacher who answers a few questions about the virus.

Dissecting the movie, as if I was dissecting an "ant" is easy. HVZ starts off strong. We have some really cool aerial shots that I really liked.  The movie does focus more on our surviving characters than some other zombie movies that simply rely on blood and gore. We get way more than that with this movie! The FX and makeup in the movie are great and look awesome! We get some cool up close shots from the camera of blood and brains getting splattered all over the place. Music always sets up a scene but you have to use the right music for the right scene! The music plays a cool part in the movie and it all fits in really well. The HVZ story is original and  very unique and is a breath of fresh air for this zombie fan!

The character development in the movie is great! We have all types too, the hero and heroine, the funny guy, people you'll question, plenty of victims and lots of zombies! The movie definitely has its stand outs too. Madison Burge plays Tommi, the strong female lead who in the beginning is a little too standoffish but ultimately ends up kicking zombie ass. Frederic Doss plays Frank who is a paranoid, shell-shocked campus security guard who is the movies anti-hero and is a lot of fun to watch. Chip Joslin also stands out as the funny side-kick friend who ends up being one of the movies heroes and delivers some great one-liners while battling the undead and his timing is great. Watching these characters come together to kick zombie ass and try to survive while watching their relationships build as all this happens is a cool watch.

Humans Versus Zombies takes a whole new approach to zombie story telling!  I always go into reviewing a movie by asking myself, can I watch this again and HVZ gets a big HELL YES!

Bottom line is if you're looking for a  new zombie movie with a great story and fresh approach I highly recommend Humans Versus Zombies! 4/5


Anonymous said...

oh snap! when can i see this?

Anonymous said...

We saw it in Houston at the previews and it was a surprisingly fun flick. Also would like to mention a new upcoming actor, Jesse Ferraro, whom the director recognized. Unfortunately the two survivors did not make it at the last with a changing twist in the plot...hence..Game Over! We hope to see more!

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