Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mickey Rourke Talks SIN CITY 2

Mickey Rourke has hinted at some interest in coming back for SIN CITY 2 but it might take a little persuasion.

Here's what he had to say;

"It depends, It depends on how bad they want me. You feel me?" 
He goes on about the character (Marv), the makeup and being claustrophobic;
"I did [like the character], but I'm claustrophobic, so the the hours of makeup -- You have to keep it on for about 13 or 14 hours a day. It's latex and glue and that stuff that gets my eyes all red... I remember I picked up some chick at a bar in Texas one night and invited her to the set to have lunch at the lunch break, I couldn't take the s--t off. F--k it, I never saw her again!" 
Frank Miller has already said he'd like Rourke to come back as Marv and I hope he does but with all that makeup they could easily find another actor for the role of Marv. 

Source: Coming Soon

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