Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Limping And Older Looking Bruce Wayne On THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set

It's hard to see here but what we have is Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) getting out of his Lambo with cane in hand and looking older on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Is this Bruce Wayne years later or maybe Bane breaks his back during the movie just like the comics? Huge thanks to the SHH guys once again!
"I'm here. They've done a bunch of takes of Bale getting out of the lambo in front of press as they ask "mr Wayne where have you been" he's limping and he has a cane. He ignores the reporters and walks inside. Some people here got great vids of it!" -RedSkull SHH
"Mr Wayne over here.. Where ya been hiding mr Wayne?" - Gotham Reporter

What SmokeySFx noticed on set.
1. No snow
2. Bruce is hurt and using a cane
3. Bruce is attending a party without any girls in tow
4. Reporters asking where he has been
5. Bruce looked older to me.- SmokeySFx

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