Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Actor Paul Hickert Talks TOWER HEIST And "Being In The Zone"

Athlete turned actor, Paul Hickert just appeared on ABC's One Life to Live and can also be seen in Universal's upcoming comedy Tower Heist with Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Alan Alda. Check out my latest Versus with Paul Hickert as he talks about these projects, "being in the zone", video games and more.

Alien Bee- Tell me about your character in Tower Heist.

Paul Hickert- I played an FBI agent in the film and see a lot of action during a big chase scene that was shot on Columbus Circle in New York City...and then I get to arrest some people. The coolest thing about my role was being on foot and running down the middle of the street toward a fleeing vehicle with traffic flying by and a steadi-cam operator shooting over my shoulder and then pulling my weapon on the vehicle. I never get to do that in real life!
Alien Bee- How cool was it working with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy?
Paul Hickert- Unfortunately, Eddie Murphy was never on set while I was there but I was around Ben Stiller quite a bit. He's a cool guy and is very gracious and friendly to everyone, including the fans driving by while we were shooting.  I wouldn't object to working with him again.  ;)
Alien Bee- Any cool stories from the set?
Paul Hickert- Alan Alda had to get down on his stomach on the pavement in an awkward position and struggle to his feet over and over.  Alan is not a young guy, but he took it all in stride, never complaining.  I admire his composure.
Alien Bee- You've also appeared in ABC's One Life to Live. Tell me about that and the difference between working on the big screen and the small screen.
Paul Hickert- The episode of One Life To Live, that I was on aired on October 17th. I find that overall, working on small screen is very similar to working the big screen.  However, if the small screen is a soap, then it is very different.  Soaps shoot really fast and furious because they are airing a one-hour show 5 days a week.  Most TV shows air once each week and use at least a week to shoot an episode.  A small two or three minute scene on a soap may take only an hour to shoot and then they move on to the next scene.  Where as a weekly episodic show may take 4 to 6 hours to shoot the same two or three minute scene.
Alien Bee- Being that you're a former pro-athlete. How would you compare acting to playing football?
Paul Hickert- The thing that got me hooked on acting was an experience, while at an audition, where I was momentarily hypnotized in the same way that I experienced it as a kicker.  As an athlete it is called "being in the zone".  It's a place you have to get to in order to perform at your best...where thought is suspended and the subconscious takes over and elevates an athlete to amazing performances. Others will often say "he's unconscious".  The same thing happens in acting -- it's called "being in the moment".  It is as though all thought shuts down and anything is possible.  That state of being is very addictive and when I realized that I could get it from acting, I was hooked.  Whether in acting or sports, being conscious of the audience or fans watching, can really hurt your performance.
Alien Bee- Tell me about the video game you worked on coming up?
Paul Hickert- I wish I could talk about it, but I'm not even allowed to say the name of it yet! What I can say is that it's for Rockstar Games...and those guys really enjoy their work.  I don't think I've ever seen people having more fun on the job than they do.  I hope they bring me back again for future projects.
Alien Bee- Do you have a website or Twitter people can find you online?
Paul Hickert-  Twitter @paulhickert
Alien Bee- Would you like to say anything to all of our cool readers?
Paul Hickert- Create and share!  It doesn't matter what you create ... it could be a story, a piece of art, a cool space to relax or a good meal.  Just create and share.  It brings the world together.

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