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Exclusive Interview: Actress Pollyanna McIntosh Talks The Woman, Burke And Hare And More

Actress Pollyanna McIntosh takes center stage in Lucky McKee's latest horror  film The Woman. This movie is one of my top 5 films of 2011 and is a must see!

She talks about the film and how she got into such a unique and interesting character, those of you who have seen this you know exacting what I'm talking about. Since it's Halloween she gives us her top 5 horror films and shares a very funny experience she had, or almost had with Will Ferrell while filming Land of the Lost.

Check out my latest Versus with the super awesome Pollyanna McIntosh.

Alien Bee- First of all, I have The Woman as one of my top 5 films of 2011. Congrats on all the exposure and success it has gotten!
PM- Thanks very much! 
 Alien Bee- Tell our readers a little about The Woman and your character.
PM- The Woman is a feral woman, unsullied by modern society’s concepts of femininity and propriety.  She is a hunter and has raised a large family though they are no longer with her.At the start of the film she is injured and somewhat vulnerable but she is a strong creature and a survivor....When family man Chris Cleek finds her in the woods near his home he decides to capture and ‘civilize’ her to the detriment of his carefully balanced family unit.
Alien Bee- Your character doesn't really talk but your facial expressions are so intense that it allows the viewer to kind of interpret what you're thinking. Did you come up with this or did the director (Lucky McKee) guide you in what he wanted.
PM- Oh gosh, that’s a very difficult question!  How much of an actor’s performance is entirely their own and how much is the director’s?  Can an actor even answer that question?  Well, I feel I was very well prepared and in the head of the character going in so I’m glad to hear you feel it was clear what my internal dialogue was.  Knowing how my character would think and feel in many ways is due to my work but that stemmed from the book and script which Lucky and Jack Ketchum co-wrote so Lucky’s influence was there from the beginning.  He and I collaborated very well together in the lead up to the film by phone and email and then happily on set. 
 Alien Bee- How did you get into character while filming?
PM- I had a mood board of animal family packs like hyenas, wild dogs and big cats as well as other inspirations such as Sitting Bull, the Native American chief who refused the reservation.  It sat in front of me during makeup and after a certain point I would put my earphones in and listen to Bjork.  She’s a good one for raw femininity.  Ha ha.  Sounds so pretentious I imagine but you need these things to grind you in.
 Alien Bee- Since it's close to Halloween. Tell me your top five favorite horror movies.
PM- Battle Royale, The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, The Wizard of Oz, The Omen.
 Alien Bee- You also play Mary in Burke and Hare. Tell me a little about your character and the movie. I'm looking forward to checking this out!
PM- Cheers. Mary is a manipulative showgirl keen to get her best pal Ginny (Isla Fisher) set up with William Burke (Simon Pegg) so the girls can benefit from his cash in order to put on an all female version of Macbeth!  It meant I got to play Lady Macbeth (albeit terribly, on purpose) too.  The cast on this film was ridiculously talented and an absolute thrill to work with.  Some of my comedy heroes growing up too. The true story of Irish immigrant grave robbers turned murderers, Burk and Hare, who sold their victims’ bodies to the Edinburgh medical school for dissection purposes is well known in my home town where it all took place.  Us Scots are very proud of our dark ‘n’ ‘orrible past.  
 Alien Bee- You were in Land of the Lost. Any funny Will Ferrell story?
PM- Not so funny for me!  I’m a massive Will Ferrell fan, Elf, Anchor Man, Old School, Zoolander and Blades of Glory are gold to me.  I only had my scene of the script to read going in to the audition for Land of the Lost as they wouldn’t give out the whole script so I checked with the casting directors, “Is this scene with Will?”, ‘Yes!”, they said.  “Oh I hope I get it!” I thought.  I did!  Wooohooo! I went in for a fitting, “Is this scene definitely with Will?”, I asked them, “Oh yes!” they said.  So I told everyone, “I’m working with Will Ferrell!  I’m working with Will Ferrell!  “I’m Ron Burgundy?” Ha ha!” I got there on the day and shot the scene with the wonderful Danny McBride and Jorma Taccone and not a whiff of Will Ferrell to be had.  The character that Danny was playing was called Will, but it was never to be Will Ferrell in my scene!“How was Will?” my friends all asked.  “The back of his head in his director’s chair from twenty paces was extremely exciting thanks” I replied.  
 Alien Bee- What other new projects can you talk about? 
PM- I’ve just completed Love Eternal written and directed by Brendan Muldowney who did Savage.  My character is trying to be upbeat in the face of grief and was a great challenge.  Dutch actor Robert De Hoog (Skin/War Horse) plays opposite me and the crew were all fantastic.  I think it’s going to be a great dark romance of a movie.  I have a film called The Obsession coming out where I play an ambitious newspaper woman loosing her grip opposite James Duval and Carlos Spills the Beans, a comedy in which I cameo.  Famous Joe is another drama I finished recently where I play a coked out party girl waking up to herself.  I’m about to shoot I Do, a gay Greencard story about the fucked up effects of DOMA then Prevertere which is another crazy comedy from Brian McGuire.  My work has had delicious variety this year.
 Alien Bee- Do you have a website, Facebook or Twitter where the fans can find you online? 
PM- Yeah, thanks for asking.  I’m Pollyanna McIntosh on Facebook both in fan page and friend page.  Twitter is: PollyAMcIntosh and the website is
 Alien Bee- Would you like to say anything to our readers checking this out?
PM- Just thanks for checking out The Woman and keep a smile at the ready, they come in handy.

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