Friday, October 21, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Actor Josh Keaton Talks About Voicing The Animated GREEN LANTERN/Hal Jordan And More!

Actor Josh Keaton is the voice for Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern in the upcoming animated series that will debut Friday, November 11th on Cartoon Network.  Keaton has also lent his voice for several Spider-Man incarnations (yep he's Peter Parker), Transformers: Prime, The Batman, even the animated Back to the Future series and so much more. 

Keaton has also worked on many video games lending his voice, such as Star Craft, Spider-Man (of course) even Terminator: Salvation and many more. His resume is as impressive as they come and the guy is prettycool to allow me to be his wing man!  That's pretty cool people!

Check out my latest Versus with my new hero, Josh Keaton who gives us an inside look at the new animated Green Lantern series and his character, other projects and much more.

Alien Bee- First off how cool is it to be the voice of Hal Jordan in the new Green Lantern animated series?
Josh Keaton- It's incredible. A bit daunting at first since I didn't have a lot of familiarity with the Green Lantern mythos and because there's never been a Green Lantern Animated Series so I knew expectations would be high. Life, however, is all about living outside your comfort zone.
Alien Bee- Tell me some about this series and how similar it will be to the movie.
Josh Keaton- It will be similar to the film in that there are Green Lanterns in it. Oh and Carol Ferris. Other than that, it's its own continuity, the comics being a bigger influence than the film. Our show skips Hal's origin and hits the ground running. There's a lot more of Kilowog in the show and 'Wog and Hal have a buddy cop dynamic.
Alien Bee- When will Green Lantern premiere?
Josh Keaton- The big day is 11-11-11
Alien Bee- You also lent your voice to Spider-Man: Edge of time which will drop in 2012. Ok, you voice Peter Parker /Spider-Man in this. So can I be your wing man or what?  Just kidding, tell me a little about this and your experience doing this project.
Josh Keaton- Aaaactually, it's already out. Yes, you can be my wingman, but no Top Gun volleyball. Edge of Time was my second time working with the Beenox guys and as before was a great experience. I got to work with Chris Barnes again as well as Jamie Thomasson who voice directed The Spectacular Spider-Man. There was a lot of dialogue in the game so they had me and Chris record a lot of the scenes together which is always a benefit to the end result. Two actors in the same space and time able to react off of each other will always result in a better performance from both actors. 
Alien Bee- You have so many cool projects under your belt and coming up. Are there any others you'd like to mention?
Josh Keaton- I'll be voicing an evil wizard named Valtor on the new to Nickelodeon show Winx Club, and there's a pretty huge game that is kind of in progress, but some things are still up in the air so I can't really talk about that yet.
Alien Bee- Your IMDB reads like a Christmas wish list for big kids like me and others in the biz. You've done so many video games and animated series. How'd you get so lucky?
Josh Keaton- I really think it's my inner-nerd/nerd-passion showing through. Most of the projects I've been involved with have been either: properties I was obsessed with growing up, or part of a medium I was always a fan of (video games, comics). I definitely think that my nerd-knowledge gave me an edge in the audition process.
Alien Bee- Can you tell me what has been your favorite gig so far?
Josh Keaton- That's like asking me what's my favorite between In-N-Out Burgers, pizza, or Red Lobster cheese biscuits.
Alien Bee- Do you have a website , Twitter or Facebook where people can find you on the net?
Alien Bee- Would you like to say anything to our cool readers and all of the fans checking this out?
Josh Keaton- I'm currently sporting a Don Quixote goatee. Yeah.


danny wade said...

this is awesome!

Steven said...

i cant wait for the green lantern animated series. i hope its better than the movie

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