Sunday, October 30, 2011


ROSWELL: THE ALIENS ATTACK takes us back to Roswell in 1947. The story is about all of the myths and legends that surround Roswell and aliens.

We follow a UFO that crash lands near Roswell and two little grey bodies are recovered. What the military doesn't know is the real aliens, a male and female are making their rounds and have been sent to Earth to destroy it. The male changes his mind as he befriends some of the locals and falls for a human, to the point of protecting them from his alien female partner who is bent on the planet's destruction but likes having sex with the soldiers, go figure.

The story has been recycled and isn't very original but it's also hard to keep telling these Roswell stories over and over again. Watching it on DVD you could tell where the cuts are for commercials as this was aired on TV back in 1999.  Not good editing at all!

Director Brad Turner still does a great job here and he's in familiar territory having directed episodes of Grimm, The Secret Circle and many other popular TV shows. The characters are really dull with a story that is just as dull and this is hard for me because sc-fi is my favorite genre!  It was just hard to get through this DVD.

Bottom line is if you're looking for a sci-fi movie to watch go ahead, risk it and check this out but don't expect too much! 2.5/5

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

Cast:  Sean McCannKate Greenhouse, Steven FlynnBrent Stait, and Heather Hanson

Run Time: 88 Minutes

Rated: PG

Special Features: None

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