Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Checking out DEATH OF THE VIRGIN on DVD definitely had good timing, since it is October and we all love creepy ass movies, especially close to Halloween.

Death of the Virgin follows a young woman who is practicing to be a nun and a mystery behind an apparition of the Virgin Mary. There's the good side and the bad side in this movie and you don't know who to trust up to the very end. We get plenty of creepy moments, plenty of blood and guts, plenty of nuns and some of the scenes might actually make you uncomfortable since this does have sort of a religious theme so you've been warned.

I loved some of the camera work and angles in the movie that really gives it more of a dark feel. The actors all pull off a great and also dark performance. The movie has plenty of  special effects for you to enjoy, from blood work to the camera trickery to some down right creepy eyes at the end! The best two things about this movie are the supernatural elements involved playing with the religious tone of the movie which simply makes it a dark and enjoyable thriller.

Bottom line is if your looking for a new and really creepy thriller then be sure to check out Death of the Virgin. It's not the best religious themed movie ever made but it sure aint the worst. 3/5  Death of the Virgin hit DVD on September 20th.

Studio: Indican Pictures

Run Time: 98 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: It has a few trailers and that's it. I would have enjoyed a commentary for this!

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