Monday, October 17, 2011

DVD Review: BAD TEACHER (Unrated)

Watching BAD TEACHER on Unrated DVD was fun and entertaining to say the least and I must add this is as hot as Cameron Diaz has been on screen in a long time! Did I mention hot?

Diaz plays a gold digging, materialistic, heartless teacher who gets dumped by her fiance. She rebounds by going back to the school where she just quit teaching. Jason Segel plays the gym teacher who crushes on her while she crushes on goody two shoes Justin Timberlake, who is just a little too nice to be real, we all know someone like that don't we people!  The chemistry with the actors is obvious in this movie but having Segel as the guy who Diaz ultimately chooses to "hang out with" at the end is just a little unbelievable.

The humor takes a front seat in Bad Teacher and Diaz shines and is comfortable in comedy, where she belongs. Foul mouthed, selfish, trouble making, partaking in a little illegal recreational activities, yeah she does all of this and more!

In movies like this the "bad apple" usually learns a valuable lesson but with this Diaz just keeps on doing her evil thing and getting away with her evil ways.  The only lesson she learns is how weird Timberlake's character is by the end of the film and some of these scenes she has with him are downright hilarious, bust a gut hilarious up to the very end.

Bottom line is watching Bad Teacher on Unrated DVD was a fun watch, one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while so don't miss it and in the immortal words of Van Halen, "I'm hot for teacher!" 3.5/5   Pick up Bad Teacher on Unrated DVD when it hits store shelves on October 18th.

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Run Time


Special Features:  Awesome! Be sure you check these out because they make this DVD that much better!
  •  Deleted Scenes
  •   Outtakes
  • ·Way Behind The Scenes with Jason and Justin featurette
  • Raising More Than Funds featurette

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