Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was such a fan of The Howling but the sequels all went down hill over the years and when I found out THE HOWLING REBORN was coming my way on Blu-ray I got all excited, until I watched it.

Ok, we watch a high school student (Landon Liboiron) who finds out he's going through some changes in life and finds out his long dead mother isn't all that dead but is an alpha member of a wolf pack and she's come back for her son and will go through anyone to get to him.

The movie is so slow it takes way too long to even get our first kill and it takes even longer for us to see any werewolf, I mean we don't see any until the last 28 minutes in the film. You can't make fans wait that long these days because we loose interest way too fast! Anyway once we do get to some transformations they are pretty cool and the FX are good but it's just too late by then to save this movie that simply has a mediocre story line to it.

The Howling Reborn had Academy Award nominee Adrian Morot who has worked on movies like 300 and Night at the Museum 2 so how can you tell me this movie didn't turn out any better than it did? Well, first off they didn't let him do his magic enough in the movie. If  this movie wold have had werewolves running through it during the entire movie it would have been a much better watch, even with a forgettable story like this. It's like The Faculty being chased by a rabid dog but you never see the dog!  Actress Linday Shaw was the highlight and heart of the movie. She played her mysterious character well but some of the actors couldn't act their way our of a wet paper bag!

To me it feels like they rushed making this movie. Watching The Howling Reborn on Blu-ray was just a waist of a good Blu-ray. You can't keep a franchise dead for this long and expect to resurrect it with a movie like this! They compared it to The Twilight Saga and i'm not a fan of that franchise either but this movie is no Twilight and it has no bite!  They could have watch the first Howling, any Underworld movie, how about Dog Soldiers, even Ginger Snaps to take some notes but I guess the filmmakers though they knew what fans wanted and they missed it by a freaking mile!

Bottom line is The Howling Reborn is a huge stinker just like the other bad sequel that spawned from the awesome original movie. For this franchise to be dead for so many years you think they could have come up with a better movie than this! I would say this movie is totally forgettable but I can't forget how bad and disappointing it actually was! 2.5/5

Studio: Anchor Bay

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Rated: R

Special Features: These special features couldn't even help this bad movie experience!
  • Audio commentary with Writer/Director Joe Nimziki and Actor Lindsey Shaw
  • The Making of the Howling Reborn
  • Storyboard Gallery

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